what is a cultivator

What is a Cultivator?


When asked "what is a cultivator" you could say "A cultivator is simply someone or something that cultivates". However, for this article I am going to be referring to a specific piece of farm equipment that attaches to a tractor also known as a cultivator. A cultivator is a tractor attachment that is mostly used for weed control. They are designed to dig through the soil in patterns so that they can avoid the plants yet still dig and break up weeds.

Differences Between A Cultivator and A Garden Bedder

As mentioned earlier Cultivators are mainly used for weed control while a Garden Bedder is used to make rows of small dirt hills to plant crop seeds in. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have one attachment that could do both? Well a company called Everything Attachments has done just that with their Cultivator Version 2.0. By adding the attachment bar and 2 garden bedder discs the EA Cultivator becomes a Garden Bedder. The attachment bar allows the discs to be adjustable so that you can make the desired seed beds. Check out some of the images below showing the cultivator with and with out the attachments.

EA Cultivator
EA Cultivator 2.0
Garden Bedder Attachments
EA Cultivator 2.0 with Mods
Garden Bedder In Use
EA Cultivator 2.0 In Use

Cultivator How To Video

Check out the video on the new version of the Everything Attachments cultivator that can be three attachments in one, Designed to make your life easier!

Features on a Cultivator

Just so you know the EA Cultivator Version 2.0 is not for subcompact tractors. The newly redesigned field cultivator features 3/8" steel construction with 1/4" reinforcement in high stress areas and is 48" wide for use on a single row. The tines or shanks are fully adjustable each with 4 placement holes for the front and rear tines on each side, and 3 placement holes for the center tines on each side. The c-tines are high quality spring steel with high carbon tips for superior durability. The field cultivator weighs 120 lbs. with the tines installed, furrowing attachment and bedder discs are extra weight. The 110 field cultivator offers industry first extended crop guiding plates at the entrance of the frame to better care for your crops while you are cultivating.

Learn more and order your new EA Cultivator v2.0 Online.